About me, Luis, and CodeTuts


Hello! My name is Luis Lopez. I am the person who runs this blog and the goal here is to tell you, the reader, a little about both the blog and myself. Further details will need to be asked via the contact for or e-mail, twitter, or even smoke signals.

As of today, 31th of July of 2016, my age is 24 years old and I was born on April 9th of 1992 (that would make an Aries, but I don’t care about that stuff) in Tijuana, Baja California, México. Today I’m a Computational Systems Engineering student at ITT (some tech institute in my city) but maybe in 2019 I’ll be already graduated and working in the web development field, who knows, life has many twists!

I’m a cinephile! serious moviegoer, I just love cinematography (how can you not) and you may find me watching movies every day, but not just movies, I looove TV shows and series, documentaries, anime and manga (especially horror and shonen). My favorite genres are Sci-Fi, Drama, Crime, Thriller and Horror; action is great but they don’t make them like in the 80’s anymore 😢.

Why did I create CodeTuts?

Simple, I’ve been through 3 blogs and one failed Graphic Design career (didn’t even make it to the 3rd semester, lol) to finally realize that this topic was my thing, coding and software has always been something I’m passionate about so, it will be a pleasure to write for me, for you and for everyone who might find my writings interesting or useful.


The above is the first logo I created, may not be perfect and the square brackets are said to be a visual pain in the arse but hey, I’m not a good designer :)

A new learning, inspiration, and information source won’t hurt anybody, I encourage you to help the community with resources and knowledge sharing, education needs visionary people who can structure and share what they’ve learned for new generations to innovate and make good use of that info. The world needs good thinkers, people with vision, knowledge, and hunger; people who can change the world; if through this blog I can contribute a small grain of sand, it’s my honor and pleasure.

Do I make money off of it?

Nope, I mean, I’m an amazon associate program member so technically I should be making money with that shady banner AD below every post title but I am not. Maybe if I start linking to products I would. I also signed up for Adsense but I was banned in the past so I don’t know if I’d be able to make the cut.

make it rain

I’m never gonna ask for money, if I ever set up a donations widget, it will be discrete. I’m also never going to add intrusive ADs that could hinder the user experience.

Some technical details

CodeTuts is proudly using the latest version of Ghost as its blog CMS system, runs on NodeJS on an AWS instance with currently 1 Gb of RAM, 20 GB of storage (maybe when you read this I already scaled it); it uses Nginx 1.10 and I’m also using it to host static HTML sites and other files (a tutorial on that may be on GhostForBeginners).

For the code highlighting, I’m using Prism.js, it’s a nice thing to have if you write about programming, isn’t it? I also use Disqus as a commenting system since Ghost doesn’t support native comments as Wordpress does. When I do graphics for the blog, I do them in GIMP because I don’t want to pirate Photoshop anymore.

For the AWS setup I have Route 53 for DNS management but my domain was officially registered at Namecheap for like a dollar and the renewal is going to cost me 40 bucks per year. I send emails using Nodemailer with a Zoho account via SMTP; also, my Nginx configuration can be asked if you contact me! The SSL certificates I run are one by Letsencrypt for the main domain and an Amazon auto-managed certificate (which is free I think) for the cdn.codetuts.tech sub-domain which is just a CloudFront zone that uses my S3 bucket to host the blog’s images.

Let’s wrap things up

If by your own heart and good will you want to contribute and create a unique post for CodeTuts (it has to be unique, I don’t like to deal with duplicated content issues) or become a guest writer, send me an email and we’ll talk about it :), don’t forget to visit the contact section to find out more about where to find me. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this information, CodeTuts is currently on the following social media outlets:

See you when I see you, thanks for everything, Mr/Ms reader!